'Azov' is one of Ukraine's battalions made up of volunteers, regular citizens who chose to stand up for their country and to join the fight against pro-Russia militias in the Donbass. They are known as far-right radicals and are very proud of their patriotism. Now part of the National Guard, commanded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, its members believe Ukraine to be fully ready to shape its own future.They are known as right-wing radicals and are very proud of their patriotism. Starting in 2015, the group has also been leading a series of two-week retreats for children, where former frontline fighters teach participants to feel confident around weapons and combat scenarios.  At the 'Azovets' summer camps, youngsters are lessoned about the realities of war, Ukraine's identity and its struggle for freedom towards geographical, political and psychological independence from Russia and other world powers. Severely disciplined and examined, children train physically and emotionally. They practice shooting positions, survival techniques and martial arts, while being coached in tactical awareness, rifle maintenance, camouflage methodology and first-aid. In addition, they celebrate nationalism and cherish the highest moments of Ukraine's heroes with songs and often-aggressive slogans around the campfire. 03/07/2018

De Alex Masi