Researcher Manel Mselmi analyses the results of the latest municipal elections in Belgium helf at the mid October 2018

Gender segregation on public transport and no female figure on the electoral list was the agenda of Islam Party in Belgium for 2018 municipal elections.

Established in 2012, the ISLAM party won seats in the Anderlecht and Molenbeek municipalities of the Brussels Capital region. This year Molenbeek made a surprise by voting for the socialist party, allowing Catherine Moreaux, the daughter of the previous mayor of Molenbeek to be the winner of these elections.

Moreaux 's father was accused by right parties of being a pro-islamist policy for more thank 20 years which facilitated the implementation of radicalism and terrorism.

Islam party's agenda include wants to allow all Muslim women to wear a headscarf, and all schools to offer halal menus. Redouane Ahrouch, the party's founder who also works as a bus driver in Anderlecht told local media.

However, Ahrouch refused to look into the eyes of a female Journalist who found him irrespectful. He pleaded for a separation of men and women in public transport. He was then fired from the Stib, where he was a bus driver. The reason behind the success of the green and socialist parties

In Molenbeek and other communes with a Muslim majority is the discourse and the agenda that these parties had in order to have the support of Muslims. In effect, inviting female speakers to panels such as Rokhia Diallo who really defends the wearing of the veil which was the approach adopted by the green party and the interest that the socialist party had in Morrocco after the revolution of the Morrocan rif made these parties popular in some communes and influenced the electors who preferred To vote for strong and influencial parties.

Voting for these parties instead of voting for Islam is a reminder that ISLAM party propaganda didn't succeed to influence voters but also gave a hidden message that of clientelism in green and socialist parties. The results of 2018 are more than telling, the socialist party had the majority in Molenbeek with 31,34%, the Liberal party had only 23,96%, the Green party had 8,81% and the right left party(PTB) made a great progress with 13, 61%.

The surprising results of Islam Party with only 1.8% is the outcome of the implication of both green, socialist and right left parties in the neighborhood of Molenbeek by promiting an anti-discrimination and a victimisation discourse.

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De Manel Mselmi